Title Insurance Services

Title Insurance is the primary product that we support and service as we continue to lead the market in terms of market share and application of technology provide better and faster products to our customers.

Title Insurance Services

FNF India has the knowledge and experience to preform both a title search and the title examination steps resulting in the delivery of a search package, title write-up or a full title commitment or title report.

FNF India has the expertise needed to convert a search package or title write-up to a full title commitment or title report including the keying those reports into various title production systems.

FNF India has the ability to produce quality final title policies and policy endorsements using various submission methods and keying the information needed to produce a report in various production systems. We also have the experience of sending completed reports to remote printers to support the mailing of those policies to customers.

FNF India is fully versed in the process of updating taxes, general index, property or titlevesting including the issuance of a revised title report prior to the closing of the transaction and prior to recording of the transaction.

FNF India has the ability to provide tax certification services to our clientele. Whether it's the need to pull updated tax information from plant providers, county websites or calling the county offices for the most up-to-date information.

FNF India has the expertise to accurately type long and lengthy legal descriptions from recorded documents and PDF copies to provide customers with a time saving solution.Those descriptions can be sent in WORD formats or keyed directly into the customer's production system.

FNF India has the expertise to accurately depict or draw a legal description in a map.In addition, we have the knowledge required to plot location and dimensions of easements and encroachments for our customers.

FNF India staffs an entire team that provides accurate, reliable data entry functions for many types of services. This includes the ability to provide those services by spreadsheets or keying directly to various systems and applications.