Residential Mortgage Services

Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of developing an opinion of value for real property (usually market value). Property appraisers assess the value of land, buildings, improvements, plant and machinery. Appraisers gather and analyze a range of property information such as sales price of recently sold properties to determine the values of comparable properties. A valuation is an assessment of the amount a property would sell for comparable period.

Residential Mortgage Services Solutions

Lien release processing,verification of legal documents, updating borrower(s) information,updating legal description of properties,fulfill customer requests and loan payoffs

Pre-Sale property preservation, reviewing current property condition, creating bids, approval or denial of invoices and bids.

New loan setup, manual loan onboarding, insurance and tax line setups and service release interim servicing.

Indexing borrower documents (processing package), reviewing borrower(s) income and expenses information, system changes on modified details, updating modification details for closer(s) approval, reviewing denied loans and classification of comprehensive loss mitigation reports.

Opening new bankruptcy cases, reviewing 45 day delinquent and current status of the case, updating loans in default administration data on transferred loans, reviewing and updating information in 'Pacer' Cover sheet, Docket and Proof of Claim

Reconciling 'Non-Sufficient Funds' (NSF) accounts, posting the wired amount, Automated Clearing House (ACH) Draft, handling checks dropped at retail Lockbox vendor, analyzing rejected checks, and either approve or reject, review and suspense balance (debtor payment, post-petition payment or trustee payment) based on the amount available in the suspense account.

Preparing claim package, preparing checklist for modification loans, retrieving origination title policy documents.

Obtaining and compilation of documents requested by clients, regulators, state agencies, Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSEs) for audit purpose, mail 'Fair Debt Collection Practices Act' (FDCPA) letter on delinquent loans, validating Kansas and West Virginia loans' late charge status, loan boarding process, retrieving and validating 'Office of Foreign Assets Control'(OFAC) documents.

Reviewing and updating customer information, order breach letter, reviewing current status of foreclosure, handling redemption queries, perform SC RA checks, retrieving HUD Occupancy letter.

Reconciling taxes and insurance and investor custodial accounts, maintaining wires, and payoff queries.

Updating of lot information, flood determination, late charge information, and managing mortgage insurance premium queries.

Reporting and updating the delinquency status code on Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, verifying loan due date, retrieving and saving VA case notes, validating breach letters and customer information.

Reviewing inspection results, photos and property condition report submitted by inspectors, to affirm the occupancy status and current property condition.

Reviewing order results and photos, submitted by field vendors, to confirm the completeness and accuracy of the work performed and pay vendors as per the client/investor's rate schedule.

Reviewing the bids submitted by field vendors for the work that cannot be completed within the client’s allowable costs. Decision bids as approved, denied or submit to client or investor, for approval.

Review inspection results submitted by inspectors, work performed by field vendors and order processed by processors for the accuracy as per specified client and investor guidelines..

We review appraisals before engaging in a loan transaction to ensure the value conclusion is reliable and enables financial institutions to make informed credit decisions, manage credit risk, and meet regulatory requirements.

Property Condition Reports are important for clients seeking to know the condition of a Property, or real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, financing or simply maintaining. Once the inspection or Property Condition Assessment is completed, a written report (also known as the Property Condition Report (or PCR) is compiled and delivered to the client within an acceptable time frame. Associate will review quality of the report and deliver to the client.