Residential Mortgage Services

Mortgage Services provides help and support to Loan Servicers. From the time the loan is onboarded, to the end of the loan term, or Foreclosure Sale. Our first-in-class servicing is divided into three main streams of support, (1) Loan Servicing, (2) Default Servicing, and (3) Shared Services. Our loan servicing includes all aspects of the process New Loan Boarding, Tax and Escrow Set-up, Loan Audits, Consumer Solutions, Investor Accounting, Cashiering/Payoff and Lien Release. Our Default Servicing includes Default Reporting, Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Property Preservation and Inspections as well as Claims Package Preparation. Our Shared Services encompass Account Services, Compliance Services, Exam Management, Workforce Management and Legal Review.

Residential Mortgage Services Solutions

Loan Servicing:

We have a great team of mortgage experts who are well versed in all aspects of the mortgage loan boarding process. Our team has extensive experience in New Loan Setup, Escrow Setup, Manual Loan File Preparation, Tax Line Setup and Verification, and Legal Extraction.

We prioritize the steps to speed up the process for our clients. Client requests can come to us in various formats, received by email, fax, and call center calls.These requests include retrieving documents, verifying assignments, and validating assignments. We also have vast experience with Lien Releases, we work with the concerned teams to complete all document verification steps that are a part of release request processing.

We are back-office support for processing payments and posting funds received through an electronic wire, USPS mail, and the client’s payment system. We have experience in ACH payments, payment validation, and account setup for monthly payment transactions.

We can manage and multi-task items for our clients. When it comes to the reconciliation of taxes and insurance, clear T&I with no reconveyance items, we provide solutions and results. We also pay attention to details such as ensuring that the trial balance matches with the general ledger balance, or assurance that certain custodial accounts are left with the necessary zero balance and account statements. We are a one-stop solution as we also extend our services for wire logs and wire processing, research, data processing and NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Reversal.

Our comprehensive back-office support, including data integrity review, ensures that our clients aren’t working with obsolete information. We meticulously verify information, such as borrower information, property information, and loan information, to ensure high-quality levels in the loan servicing process.

We cover it all and take a checklist-based approach to quality assurance and data reporting. How do we do this? By performing a critical quality review of all reports sourced by our Information Services team. Performing a detailed evaluation of the entire loan portfolio we identify and then complete any missing information.

We are experienced in escrow support functions. We provide time-savings to our clients by completing certain requests and tasks, such as keying of vital information and validations, such as the validation of the legal description. Daily we process requests received from both borrowers and lenders and when required we redirect requests that need to be routed to the appropriate individual or department. We can also complete these tasks in the lender's system if required.

We are versed in the audit process of ARM information. We ensure accuracy in data uploaded to the service application. Our no-compromise approach to the review process has helped our clients to make the right, informed decisions.

Default Servicing:

We implement a detailed evaluation of the loan portfolio to identify and acquire missing information with an emphasis in the quality of the data, regulatory compliance, and overall customer experience. Our collection process implements skip tracing and bad number control to trace and verify a defaulted borrower's contact information as well as a co-borrower data check in order to find additional borrower details to update in the client's database

Our Loss mitigation service encompasses the entire process from documentation, to borrower outreach. We offer the highest in standard loss mitigation services to our clients as per their back-office loss mitigation needs.We are skilled in ECOA Controls, file assembly, expense and income calculation, QA, GSE Conversions, image, milestones, system fulfilment, underwriting decisions, QC, and drafting of the front end closing.

We offer a variety of inspection services including exterior and interior inspections, property condition reports as well as customized inspection services. We also supply scalable preservation and maintenance solutions including structure securing, grass cutting, winterization, mold remediation,property maintenance, bids with cost estimate validations, boarding, and removal services.

Our mortgage reporting services are designed to help facilitate the completion of critical reporting. Our default reporting and compliance process includes the reporting of borrower's default reason codes and the status of the default to the appropriate federal government bodies. We also implement support for the changing or deleting reported codes until the borrower is current with their loan.This process includes a quality check of the letters that notify the borrowers of defaulted status.

Over the years we have earned a reputation for delivering quality and timely foreclosure assistance to our clients. We are fully versed in aiding our clients in the carrying out of the documentation needed to process a foreclosure sale. For example we prepare the foreclosure referral, assignment and substitution of trustee.

Our bankruptcy servicing process includes the ability to review new Bankruptcy cases for 45-Day delinquencies and ability to provide current case status. We are experienced in updating transferred loans in Default Administration Data, and reviewing and updating information in the Pacer cover sheet as well as verification of the docket and proof of claims.

We provide aid and ease of services for claims filing that cover the complete scope of the claim filing process. For each customer we service our process is designed to help facilitate the steps from document prepping to post-claim filing,and the loss analysis stage as outlined in the HUD and Mortgage Insurer Guidelines. We support the preparation, and the uploading of the claim package,and the uploading of related loan documents to enable various types of claim filings by the client.

Shared Services:

Mortgage Services also provides Shared Services to its clients this includes a variety of backoffice support functions all tailored to meet our client needs.

Our account servicing process involves verification of requests received from Payers/Owners to make adjustments to their accounts. We pay close and careful attention to details when performing verifications before providing any information as requested, then only after we carefully perform our checks and balances, do we complete the task as per the request. These tasks may include the generation of letters, which are then upload, and copies are mailed or faxed to the Payer/Owner. We also have a team that specializes in performing compliance checks for seller financing in order to reduce the chances of error.

Our mortgage compliance is a service solution for the mortgage industry which is comprehensive and meticulously done. Our process involves auditing and validation of loans to ensure they comply with state wise statues. For example, we ensure that all newly boarded loans for the state of Kansas should comply with the state of Kansas Consumer Credit Code (UCCC) late charge statues. We also perform OFAC document retrievals and validation in order to clear any possible alerts generated by the LexisNexis application, for all customer loans.

Exam management review requires obtaining and compiling required documentation for audit requests received by clients, regulators, Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), state agencies, and/or third parties. We ensure that audit requirements are fulfilled correctly and within the required timelines.In addition we can perform a reconciliation of the payment and balancing between the GNMA reports, reports from SmartTouch application and bank statements.

We have workforce management down to a science. Workforce management is the process of generating reports from client applications and then organizing those reports in paths as designated by the client for analysis. In addition, we email certain time-sensitive reports by business unit and inform stakeholders of their completion.

We carefully review all documents related to a loan to ensure that regulatory compliance was met at all stages of the mortgage process. Our process involves a review of all incoming emails from clients requesting information and/or documentation. We also make use of our meticulously-established process to perform research in designated applications and fulfill requests that are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.