Finance and Accounting Services

We have a team of high-end, versatile professionals, who provide top-notch finance and accounting services. We have the knowledge and the expertise to provide our clients with reliable result-driven solutions.

Finance and Accounting Services Solutions

We ensure that all invoice processing and validation are submitted to the Oracle application accurately to disburse the payments to vendors from the correct bank account on time.

We process check payments for invoices and credit card payment to lawfirms. We also verify the Employee Business Travel Expense Invoices/Reports and approve it for the reimbursement.

We provide servicing for dormant funds (outstanding checks) by retrieving reports for outstanding and Dormant Reports in order to reissue payment to payee or to be escheated to the appropriate state office when the payee cannot be located.

This process is designed to retrieve various BAI & PDR reports from the specified bank websites and Impact server to prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement.

We collect information for local real estate transactions using various websites for analytics used by CINC Marketing Teams.