Title Plant Services

FNF India Title Plant Services caters to the need of the title insurance market. Plant Services utilizes the latest technological advancements with algorithms and minor AI to provide innovative, quality services to our customers.

Title Plant Services Solutions

Indexing of scanned documents provided from any kind of source.

Concept-based abstraction of data, also variably named as “description-based” or “ text-based ” retrieval, refers to retrieval from images that may employ keywords, subject headings, captions, or natural language text. This includes legal description, Parcel ID, Case #, Consideration Amount etc.,.that are vital to the document.

We ensure every property is tied through validation to a well maintained property control database.
This research requires us to identify the correct legal description and reference to documents that have not met the property control validations.

Not all properties are straight lot and block. We have a team of engineers who research and plot those properties that are sectional lands and metes and bounds based legal descriptions. This also includes locating property using ArcGIS and Satellite images.

We consider this the spine of our property network. We continuously maintain the property control data base that makes edits to it as properties are modified or when new ones are developed.