Escrow Back-Office Support Services

We offer time-saving solutions to our value escrow professionals by performing helpful escrow tasks and entries under the supervision of our escrow clientele.

Escrow Back-Office Support Services

Creating a new order in the production system and updating the information from the sales contract, title order, title report and/or tax information sheet.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control is part of the U. S. Treasury. We perform searches of the Sanctions List Search Application to determine if parties who are part of the escrow transaction are included in the Sanctions List Search Application ("Sanctions List Search").

Keying of scheduling information and updating of scheduling as requested.

Keying of order and property information in the Rreal website.

The entering of contacts and the updating of contracts when there is change in their details.

Calculating of tax proration. At the closing of escrow real estate taxes are prorated between the buyers and sellers so that each party pays the appropriate amount of tax for the number of days they own the property.

Preparing closing protection letters for the buyer, seller and lender.

Before moving on to the final step of the closing process it helps to go through a pre-closing checklist. Going through a detailed checklist makes sure everything is in order for the actual closing.

Preparing of information that will need to be sent to the buyer that includes documents such as CCR’s and restrictions for the property being purchased.

We use the state specific rate calculators to calculate the cost of the title insurance policies for both the homeowners and lenders policies.

Retrieval of real property taxes for the transaction, including STLR searches, where required.

Requesting mortgage payoffs from lenders and lien payoffs and then updating the payoff information in the appropriate production system.

Requesting utility bills from the appropriate utility office.

Uploading of the payoff and utility billing received through fax and then distributing this information to the requestors.

The extracting or separation of documents from packages as per instructions and uploading of the separated documents to the appropriate system.

Delivery of documents such as the commitment report to the customer using various applications.

Assistance for both recorded and unrecorded documents in Simplifile and the CSC platform for various types of documents such as Deeds, Mortgages, POA’s, Assignments, etc.

Retrieving daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports from the appropriate applications.

Creating the opening of escrow package for the buyer and seller including company disclaimers and informational notices.

Monitoring designated email inboxes and email traffic and routing requests as necessary.